The main Monthly Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 2pm in Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club, Stadium Close, Hoo Road, Kidderminster, DY10 1NB.     See Map    Plenty of free parking in the adjacent car park on the left..

Visitors are very welcome to come and see what we are all about!


Mon Jan 15th 2024

Guy Border

Severn Valley Country Park Ranger.

Mon Feb 19th 2024

Tim Bridges

Conservation adviser of the Victorian Society. He will give a talk on the history and conservation of some local buildings.

Mon Mar 18th 2024

Jim Smeaton

Severn Valley Railway

Mon Apr 15th 2024
Gardeners Question Time
Mon May 20th 2024 May Marketplace
Mon Jun 17th 2024

John Rhymer

Coping with Climate Grief and Still Smiling.
Also a Greener Living Fair (specially organised for WFu3a)

Mon Jul 15th 2024

Tricia Stewart from ‘the Calendar Girls’
(Played by Helen Mirren in the film) 

Mon Aug 19th 2024 No Meeting
Mon Sep 16th 2024

Trevor Price

Chair of The Bewdley Festival.

Mon Oct 21st 2024

Annual General Meeting.

Sue Langley; WFu3a Kidderminster Station Adoption 

Mon Nov 18th 2024

Multicultural Event

Spain and Germany

Mon Dec 16th 2024

Christmas Event.

Showcase of our own groups 



Mon Jan 16th 2023

John Sparry.

The local raconteur, historian and jazz musician will talk to us about “Pedal Bikes, Chariots and Possibly a few Ghosts… along the A449"

Mon Feb 20th 2023

Marguerite Collins

We are pleased to welcome back Marguerite Collins, whose talk this time is entitled "Madresfield Court - the true Brideshead?"

Mon Mar 20th 2023

Our very own Gardeners Question Time.

A distinguished panel of experts will answer your questions and give advice on all manner of topics.
Our panel comprises u3a member, Gail Devries, from the Alpine Garden Society, Paul Cook from Cook’s Garden Centre, and Linda Iles from Uncllys Farm, Bewdley.
We also plan to have a Seed and Plant Sale and possibly a Diagnostic Clinic for Sick Plants.

Mon Apr 17th 2023

Chloe Walton – Stenson

We are pleased to welcome back Chloe Walton – Stenson from West Midlands Safari Park.
Her talk is entitled "Conservation beyond Kidderminster. How WMSP is Working for Wildlife." This will be followed by Q and A session. 
Chloe will also be telling us about this year's course for our members at the Safari Park.
Mon May 15th 2023 May Marketplace
Mon Jun 19th 2023

Brendan Clifford

Local historian, Brendan Clifford will give a lively and interactive talk entitled "The Black Country - 500 Years in 50 Voices."

Mon Jul 17th 2023

Kate Round

Kate Round of Dudley Museum Service will give a talk on “the History of Stourbridge Glass.".

Mon Sep 18th 2023 The Launch of Wyre Forest u3a Multicultural Month.
Mon Oct 16th 2023

Annual General Meeting.

AGM including election of the committee.
Presentation of the WFu3a Year; Barry Walmsley
The Satellite Singers plus other talent, followed by home-made cakes

Mon Nov 20th 2023

Martin Lloyd.

Many of you will remember Martin’s wonderful talk on Passports and Assassins etc but this time he will be presenting an expose of publishers, writers and bookshops in “Becoming a Famous Author.”

Mon Dec 18th 2023

Christmas Event.

Entertainment from our in-house talent.



Mon Jan 17th 2022

Mike Loftus "History of Kidderminster Public Baths,"

Mon Feb 28th 2022

Margurite Collines  "Worcester Crown Court"

Mon Mar 28th 2022

Max Hunt "Herbert Austin & The Longbridge Story"

Mon Apr 11th 2022

Please note - Philip Serrell is indisposed.

Leslie Smeeton will present

'50,000 years of Sticks, Stones and String' - a romp through history, folklore and legend and film based on Archery

Mon May 16th 2022

May Marketplace

Mon Jun 20th 2022

A talk by Chloe Walton-Stenson about the West Midlands Safari Park. (No animals will be hurt - or even be in attendance - in this presentation!)

Mon Jul 18th 2022

In the light of the current heatwave emergency and the fact that one member of SassCapella is indisposed we have cancelled this event

SassCapella. Cream scones and strawberries. Sasscapella are 'three sassy ladies from Malvern, Worcestershire who love to sing in harmony. Sometimes serious, sometimes sassy and sometimes side splitting lighthearted skit.'

They cover a wide range of musical genres and have made many joyful appearances at  festivals and shows. 

Mon Oct 3rd 2022


Visiting Speaker: Comedy Star, Don Maclean MBE. 

Don is a talented and versatile performer with a warm and engaging personality, who can boast years of experience on the stage, screen and radio. He has appeared in no less than six Royal Command Performances and been recognised as a local personage by being awarded an Honorary Master of Arts degree by Birmingham University. As a popular and entertaining speaker, he has a reputation for providing clean gags and observations, which will keep us all amused but also give us food for thought. 

Mon Oct 17th 2022

Annual General Meeting

Our Chair will then outline what has been achieved in the “interesting times” during and since the pandemic.  There will also be free cream scones for all.

Mon Nov 14th 2022


Our guest speaker is Philip “the Fox” Serrell.

This son of Worcestershire will be on stage to entertain us with stories from his life as an auctioneer and TV personality.

Mon Dec 12th 2022


Christmas Event

We are to be delighted by the harmonies of Sasscapella, those three sassy ladies from Malvern. There will be some seasonal food and possible appearances by our own talented members.



Mon July 15th 2021

Social Trial Event

Mon Aug 16th 2021

Andrew Crabtree  "Music from the Movies" followed by Afternoon Cream Tea

Mon Sep 20th 2021 Rosemary Winnall MBE… ‘Exploring the Severn’… from source to sea, exploring the River Severn on foot, by cycle, boat and canoe.
Mon 18th Oct 2021 Annual AGM
Mon 15th Nov 2021 Rupert Fisher "Real Jewellery for the World and His Wife"
Mon 20th Dec 2021 Christmas Show
Wed 22nd Dec 2021 Christmas Greetings on Zoom




Mon Jan 20th 2020

Robert Ronsson  "Rattling the family skeleton"

Mon Feb 17th 2020

Max Keen  "English Civil War in Worcestershire"



Mon Jan 21st 2019

Andy Smith  "Life in the Music"

Mon Feb 18th 2019

Dave Clark  "Sentenced to Beyond the Seas"

Mon Mar 25th 2019

Change of Date

Graham Short  "Micro Artist"

Mon Apr 15th 2019

John Butterworth   "Albania"

Mon May 20th 2019

Change of Venue

Open Forum

Now at The Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club  Stadium Close  Hoo Road   DY10 1NR

Mon June 24th 2019

Change of Date

Fran Sandham  "3000 mile solo walk across Africa"

Mon July 15th 2019

Sandy Cale  "The great escape of Charles II"

Mon Sept 16th 2019

Rosemary Winnall  "The Nature of Wyre"

Mon Oct 14th 2019

Change of Date

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Mon Nov 18th 2019

Martin Lloyd  "Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies"

Mon Dec 16th 2019

Michael Leach  "In the Midst of Gorillas"



Mon Jan 15th 2018

Robin Skerratt   "The Son of a Village Policeman in the 1940's"

Mon Feb 19th 2018

Ray Sturdy   "Peru the Land of the Incas"

Mon Mar 19th 2018

Andrew Crabtree  "The Story of the Piano, with live music"

Mon Apr 16th 2018

Dr Gillian White  "Bess of Hardwick"

Mon May 21st 2018

Gary Haigh  "Magician"

Mon June 18th 2018

Dorothy Nicolle   "The Life of Thomas Telford"

Mon July 16th 2018

John Mason   "Story of Jet Flight part 2"

Mon Sept 17th 2018

Ian Williams  "My Life as a TV Extra"

Mon Oct 15th 2018

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Mon Nov 19th 2018

U3A Groups commemorating 100 years of the ending of WW1

Mon Dec 17th 2018

Owen Raybould   "Food and Mood, How we are affected?"



Mon Jan 16th 2017

Heather Wastie   "The Page Turners Dilemma"

A humorous look at the life of a musician

Mon Feb 20th 2017

Mark Wilkins   "Air Ambulance"

A light hearted and informative talk on the work of the county air ambulance

Mon Mar 20th 2017

Gillian White  "1st Duke of Devonshire"

The most dissolute man in London

Mon Apr 10th 2017

NB. Change of Date

Ray Sturdy  "China"

It’s ancient and modern wonders

Mon May 15th 2017

FORUM   "Awareness of Local Services"

Short informative talks by four local organisations with additional displays

Mon June 19th 2017

John Mason   "Story of Jet Flight part 1"

Mon July 17th 2017

Eliza Botham    "Local History"

The story of Stourport and the boat ‘Bramble’

Mon Sept 18th 2017

Jackie Cotterill  "Genealogy"

What is it?  U3A member

Mon Oct 16th 2017

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Mon Nov 20th 2017

Christopher Gait    "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot"

Mon Dec 18th 2017

Michael Leach    "A Funny Way to Make a Living"

Wildlife photography



Mon Jan 18th 2016

Heather Wastie   "Carpet Industry, Songs & Stories of Workers"

Mon Feb 15th 2016

Jon Goldswain   "Edward Elgar, From the Cradle to the Grave"

Mon Mar 21st 2016

Liam D'Arcy-Brown  "Chusan"

The Opium Wars and the Forgotten Story of Britain's First Chinese Island

Mon Apr 18th 2016  

Alan Rogers MBE  "A Policeman's Lot"

Mon May 16th 2016

Georgie Hale   "Shipwrecked in Antarctica"

Mon June 20th 2016

Ashley Grove   "A look at birds from Shetland to Scilly"

Mon July 18th 2016

Graham Sutherland    "Brandy for the Parson"

Smuggling through the Ages

Mon Sept 19th 2016

Terry Church  "You couldn't make it up"

Mon Oct 17th 2016

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Following the formal procedures of the Annual General Meeting there will be displays showing the activities of the Interest Groups enjoyed by the members throughout the last 12 months.

Mon Nov 21st 2016

Ray Aspden    "History of the Ancient Olympics"

Mon Dec 19th 2016

Gary Haigh    "The Magic Show"



Mon Jan 19th 2015

Anthony Collis   "Swinging Ladies"

Actresses, Heroines and Mistresses on Inn Signs

Mon Feb 16th 2015

John Pitwood   "Where did my Bag Go?"

Mon Mar 16th 2015

Bernard Cartwright   "The Dog Catcher" for Worcester City Council

Mon Apr 20th 2015  

Derek Clarke   "Birmingham Back to Back Houses"

Mon May 18th 2015

Members' Forum

Mon June 15th 2015

NB. Change of order

Andrew Lound   "Birmingham War - when the lights went out"

Mon July 20th 2015

NB. Change of order

Mike Watkins & Wilma Hayes    "Two Ships in the Night"

Mon Sept 21st 2015

David Fletcher  "Life, work and experience on Antarctica"

Mon Oct 19th 2015

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Following the formal procedures of the Annual General Meeting there will be displays showing the activities of the Interest Groups enjoyed by the members throughout the last 12 months.

Mon Nov 16th 2015

Ned Williams    "Life on the Fairground"

Mon Dec 14th 2015

NB. Change of Date

Dr David Bareford    "The Adventures of a Hot Air Balloonist"




Mon Jan 20th 2014

Robin Hill    "My Collection of Collections"

A personal choice of objects, people and places from 30 years of working in Museums.

Mon Feb 17th 2014

Rosemary Prosser   "The Final Furlong"

A look at the Cheltenham Race Festival

Mon Mar 17th 2014

Cameron Addicott

20 years of under cover work with Customs and the Serious Crime Squad.

Mon Apr 14th 2014  Note change of Date

Bronco Lane      "I have climbed Everest"

Mon May 19th 2014

Robert Skelt    "The Zimmermann Telegram"

Mon June 16th 2014

Steve Gillespie    "The Law is an Ass"

Illustrated talk with the intention of entertaining, involving and explaining how various aspects of the law occur, with an overview of how magistrates operate.

Mon July 21st 2014

Cora Weaver   "Florence Nightingale and the Malvern Water Cure"

Mon Sept 15th 2014

Phil Griffiths      "Stories of the English Coinage"

An illustrated presentation

Mon Oct 20th 2014

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Following the formal procedures of the Annual General Meeting there will be displays showing the activities of the Interest Groups enjoyed by the members throughout the last 12 months.

Mon Nov 17th 2014

Dennis Plant

The work of the Commonwealth Graves Commission.

There will be a display of World War 1 memorabilia

Mon Dec 15th 2014

Tony Powell    "My life in the World of Quizing as a Quiz Master"

Followed by a short Christmas recital by U3A groups, Satellite Singers and  Singing for Pleasure.





Mon Dec 17th 2012


Musicians who perform Medieval, Tudor & 17th century music in period costume using authentic musical instruments. 

 A great start to the Christmas celebrations.

Mon Jan 21st 2013

David Bartley

An afternoon of Black Country Poetry & Humour. Just the thing to brighten up a winter’s day, guaranteed to bring laughter & smiles to all present.

(Cancelled due to bad weather)

Mon Feb 18th 2013

Bob Lawrence

Director of Wildlife at West Midlands Safari Park.

Mon Mar 18th 2013

John Yates 

Genealogist at Birmingham Registry Office. “A Funny Thing Happened at the Registry Office!” history of the Civil Register with Funnies.

Mon Apr 15th 2013

Derek Clarke 

An Illustrated talk by the Conservation Architect during the Restoration of the Perseus & Andromeda Fountain at Witley Court.

Mon May 20th 2013

Dr. Colin Harris

101 Great British Curiosities.

Discover more about our unique and bizarre Great British culture by exploring these curiosities.  Bring your own curiosity which will challenge your friends and wonder over its origins.

There are prizes for the most curious Curiosity!!  WOW!

Mon June 17th 2013

Ray Sturdy

Worcestershire Remembered.  Illustrated talk.

What was life like in Worcestershire 100 years ago?  Good old days?

You decide!

Mon July 15th 2013

Colin Such

30 Years on the Auctionneers Rostrum!

Mon Sept 16th 2013

Richard Bifield

The British on Holiday.  From the Grand Tour to Mass Tourism.

Mon Oct 21st 2013

Wyre Forest & District U3A - Annual General Meeting

Following the formal procedures of the Annual General Meeting

there will be displays showing the activities of the Interest Groups enjoyed by the members throughout the last 12 months.

Mon Nov 18th 2013

Lord Cobham

Hagley Hall and The Lyttelton Family

Mon Dec 16th 2013

Lisa Smith

The Marie Lloyd Old Tyme Music Hall Show.

A show of song, comedy and sketches.  A great start to the Christmas festivities.